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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Kept My Oath... Do You Ever Intend to Keep Yours?

Reason # 1989

Why I love Marines

*** gotta watch this one *** the best part is the end...not just what this Marine says, but what he does... very sweet and important.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Nazi's Made the Jews Wear Flair

Sunny - Hi 108 Lo 85 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 110 Lo 82 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Scattered Showers - Hi 79 Lo 63 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Three Imaginary Boys, The Cure - 1979

I have always loved The Cure-- I think it was 1981 when I first remember hearing them... Boys Don't Cry... I had such a crush on Robert Smith.... before the heavy make up and huge Aqua Net hair... as he became more of a caricature, the more dark and brooding the music became... and I obediently followed. As much as I would have liked to think of myself as dark and brooding.... I could only sustain that darkness for so long... although it is a place I am quite comfortable even to this day... it gets awfully lonely... it is better to be surrounded by light and love.


OK... So... the President has a beer with a racist and a cop (and the "VP").... Cash for Clunkers is already without the House has approved another $2 billion...nice... You have Nancy Pelosi calling insurance companies the villains.. and the House of Representatives has voted to place a cap on what bankers can make in pay and bonuses.... then my favorite... The White House now accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express from dining guests... when they are from "big evil business". And this is the stuff that is happening here in the United States... The insanity taking place globally is just as frightening...maybe even more frightening...

So... that's enough...for this week... I can't take anymore of this... Saturday, Scooter Trash Husband and I went to see The Hangover. Oh dear gawd... this movie is so funny... so sophomoric... it's up there with Office Space, Anchorman, Wedding Singer, Wild Hogs, and There's Something About Mary-- except... even more raunchy and even more sophomoric... My sis in law would absolutely HATE this movie. Lots of guy humor... The language is repulsive and there is full frontal nudity... of men... yep... that's right...lots of boobs too... at the end of the movie. Dude from The Office, Ed Helms is too funny. I love him even more now.

All right.. so, I'm on Facebook now... trying to figure that out. I'm in to double digit friends now, so that's good and I'm not feeling completely friendless. So, anyway... there are these games... I'm not quite following the purpose of them, but apparently I am playing and gaining points.. how, I'm not quite sure... in any event... I guess I'll keep playing until I can figure out how to make them go away. However on a fun note, my niece sent me a piece of Flair... and I love it... This caused me to go and seek out more Flair...

What is Flair you ask? According to Urban Dictionary, the most popular definition is, "Buttons and other decorative accessories added to a work uniform, esp. at chain restaurants. Almost universally despised by restaurant workers and customers alike."

The common everyday person became aware of Flair after the 1999 movie, Office Space. However, I think the first movie to introduce Flair was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Mike Damone, the ticket scalper had a certain Flair... usually only one or two pieces at any given time.

I have a confession... I have my own Flair.. My Flair predates both movies... My Flair is now called vintage...(ooohhhh... ahhhh....) circa 1980.... nearly 30 years old... Back in the day, I wore my Flair on my Dad's USMC wool overcoat or on one of my many army surplus purchases... So I must thank dear Shauna for reminding me of this. Here are a few photos.... click to enlarge

Walk across the garden
In the footsteps of my shadow
See the lights out
No one's home
In amongst the statues
Stare at nothing in
The garden moves
Can you help me?

Close my eyes
And hold so tightly
Scared of what the morning brings
Waiting for tomorrow
Never comes
Deep inside
The empty feeling
All the night time leaves me
Three imaginary boys

Slipping through the door
Hear my heart beats in the hallway
Round and round
Inside my head
Drifting up the stairs
I see the steps behind me
Can you help me?

Close my eyes
And hold so tightly
Scared of what the morning brings
Waiting for tomorrow
Never comes
Deep inside
The empty feeling
All the night time leaves me
Three imaginary boys sing in my
Sleep sweet child
The moon will change your mind

See the cracked reflection
Standing still
Before the bedroom mirror
Over my shoulder
But no one's there
Whispers in the silence
Pressing close behind me
Pressing close behind
Can you help me?
Can you help me?

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Working My Way Back...

Sunny - Hi 106 Lo 84 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 97 Lo 70 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Isolated Thunderstorms - Hi 83 Lo 63 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: KHAN, composed by Julie Giroux, performed by Lockport Township High School Wind Symphony

Back in April, my grandparents invited Scooter Trash Husband and me to see the Parris Island Marine Band perform at a local high school. It was incredible. It had been a number of years since I had seen the President's Own and Michael's first time... so seeing these fine men and women perform came at the perfect time for me emotionally. To be surrounded in a high school auditorium by veterans was comforting. To listen to patriotic music was reaffirming. This is America... we are Americans... We believe in God, the sanctity of family and our Constitution... no president... no Congress can change that which is in our hearts...

"In addition to maintaining the constant state of musical readiness, characteristics of which Marine Bands are known to keep, the members never lose sight of the fact that they are first and foremost Marines – first and foremost. To live up to this responsibility, the Band participates in field -training exercises approximately four times a year and takes physical fitness tests twice a year, qualify annually in Combat Water Survival, with the M-16A2 Service Rifle, and the M-9 Pistol. The Marine Musician of the 21st Century is as proficient at firing the M-240G Machine Gun as he is at playing his instrument at a military ceremony."

One of the most powerful pieces and my personal favorite of the evening was a composition by Julie Giroux titled Khan.

This is a programmatic work depicting Genghis Khan and his army on the move. The opening theme "Warlord" represents Genghis Khan which is followed by the "Horseback" theme (comprised of an A and B section) starting in measure 22. These 3 musical representations are used throughout the piece creating a musical "campaign" complete with a serene village scene (measures 79-89) just before its decimation. Most of the work is at a brisk tempo combined with energetic rhythms and driving percussion which continuously propel the music urgently forward. Extreme dynamic contrasts throughout the piece contribute to the emotional turbulence. Genghis Khan and his army ended the lives of thousands of people and his "Warlord" theme with great force, ends this work. Read More Here. (You can also listen to a performance of Khan by The Musashino Academia Musicae, Ray E. Cramer conducting.

The only performance I could find on You Tube was by this high school. They aren't quite the Marine Band, however the performance is wonderful. Turn up the volume and let the music flow over you.

Remember, it is Flag Day....