Sunday, February 22, 2009

Make It Stop

Mostly Sunny - Hi 63 Lo 51 for Baghdad, Iraq
Cloudy - Hi 68 Lo 51 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Flurries - Hi 28 Lo 17 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Domino, Van Morrison

Podcast of the Week: Walter Williams - Freedom: Going, Going...

Dr. Walter Williams discusses the legitimate role of government in a free society. This program took place at a National Journalism Center seminar. NJC is a program of Young America’s Foundation.

Good Reads:

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Obama and FDR: Rallying the Churches by Mark Tooley - The American Spectator


A week of travel and another week of that pressure on my chest... you know...impending doom... end of the world as we know it... So, we'll try a little Van Morrison and see if that doesn't cut through the funk...

Just an observation from this past week - In my travels, which consisted of 3 separate airports, I did not notice as many servicemen. In fact, I only saw one soldier at CVG - Cincinnati. However, I did notice a lot more dogs--- doing the work of sniffing for drugs and other paraphernalia.

Connecticut loves President Obama... I was part of a 2 day intensive meeting to improve functionality in one of our departments. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But, I suspect we are broken in basic functionality just like every other manufacturing facility out there. In speaking with the hourly folks, no details were provided, just that President Obama is great and going to give the people back what is rightfully theirs.... mm...kay... Wow... So we are going to borrow $787,000,000,000 from who.. I guess China. That money will then be given to organizations that will supposedly stimulate growth in the way of new jobs. And in the mean time, the Dilbert down the street is still living beyond his means.... and since my husband and I are responsible U.S. citizens... we are afforded the "opportunity" to pay Dilbert's way, plus maintain our own lifestyle... that's great.

The manufacturing facility I visited this past week is having a spring shutdown-- 1 week. This is unprecedented, but will prevent layoffs-- or at least delay layoffs. I work for a good company... We are lean... We are very lean. A few weeks ago, the company got rid of dead weight... those that add nothing... the slackers... the lazy ones... There are a few more that could probably be cut loose... but for now... we are trying to keep manufacturing moving and doing our best to sell...

Oh this sucks.

Now... if you'll be so kind to excuse me... I'm going back to my closet to hold myself in the fetal position and rock myself back to sleep.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks for posting my thoughts. Love the Photo above.

  2. So we are going to borrow $787,000,000,000 from who.. I guess China. That money will then be given to organizations that will supposedly stimulate growth in the way of new jobs

    Instead of trickle down prosperity, Obama's implementing trickle up poverty (no, I don't own stock in the linked company).