Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sunny - Hi 114 Lo 91 for Baghdad, Iraq
Sunny - Hi 106 Lo 77 for Qandahar, Afghanistan
Partly Cloudy - Hi 84 Lo 64 for Northern KY, USA

Song of the week: Fields of Gold, Sting


Yesterday, I stopped by United Dairy Farmers to pick up some peach ice cream. I was heading over for a visit with my grandparents and I thought it would be nice to sit on their balcony and partake in that peach creamy goodness. Peach ice cream is one of those distinct childhood summer memories I have. Peach ice cream is only in season for a few it must be got while the gettin' is good.

I had not been in a UDF store in literally years. I walked in and I recall someone said hello. I mumbled hello, but I am sure no one could hear my reply. I headed toward the freezer grabbed the peach ice cream and then moved immediately toward the counter. The young man looked me in the eye and asked if there was anything else I needed. I replied no. He rang my order up and I happily handed over the cash. He placed it in a bag for me and off I went. But before I exited, another young man behind the counter said, "Thank you and come back again." I turned around, and I'm sure I had a dumbfounded look on my face and said, "Yes, I will. Thank you." He then replied, "Enjoy your afternoon."

I hopped in my car thinking, that was nice. As I turned the ignition in my car, a man in a walking cast came hobbling up the parking lot. He was older and moving slowly. I waited for him to pass so I could pull out of my parking space. As he passed by, I saw the same young man from behind the counter come out and help the older gentleman into the store.

It was really nice for me to see that simple gesture of politeness- of kindness. Of late, I have become so cynical and suspicious. It was comforting to see that employee from UDF being nice, professional, and friendly. I want to thank that young man from UDF... pride in your work and friendly service. I really had forgotten.

And one last thing- To the person who wrote me regarding Richard Wagner. Yes. I realize Richard Wagner was anti-semitic... I chose that piece of music intentionally.

Have a great week everyone!

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