Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Alleged Tendency of the New Plan to Elevate the Few at the Expense of the Many Considered in Connection with Representation

Our Founding Fathers thought of everything. The Federalist Papers were written to assure the people of the colonies that forming a Republic would not infringe upon individual or states rights. James Madison one of the authors of the Federalist Papers and of course one of our Founding Fathers most assuredly is vomiting in his own grave...

"In the third place, those ties which bind the representative to his constituents are strengthened by motives of a more selfish nature. His pride and vanity attach him to a form of government which favors his pretensions and gives him a share in its honors and distinctions. Whatever hopes or projects might be entertained by a few aspiring characters, it must generally happen that a great proportion of the men deriving their advancement from their influence with the people, would have more to hope from a preservation of the favor, than from innovations in the government subversive of the authority of the people."

"I will add, as a fifth circumstance in the situation of the House of Representatives, restraining them from oppressive measures, that they can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society. This has always been deemed one of the strongest bonds by which human policy can connect the rulers and the people together. It creates between them that communion of interests and sympathy of sentiments, of which few governments have furnished examples; but without which every government degenerates into tyranny. If it be asked, what is to restrain the House of Representatives from making legal discriminations in favor of themselves and a particular class of the society? I answer: the genius of the whole system; the nature of just and constitutional laws; and above all, the vigilant and manly spirit which actuates the people of America, a spirit which nourishes freedom, and in return is nourished by it."

Go read the rest of the Federalist #57 here.

Seriously... go.


  1. The founding fathers thought of everything. . sadly, our current "leaders" think they can do better despite all the indications to the contrary.

  2. Dear member of the Angry Mob of Evildoers- That which you just hideously exposed from our "Founding Fathers" is hereby declared HATE SPEECH! You obviously are full of hate and vitriol and need to be supervised in one of our "Camps". Come this way...