Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do You Believe What You See?

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So, like the rest of the country I have had the opportunity to get used to having a new President. He is not wasting anytime pushing toward that goal of world order... and that is upsetting although no one should be surprised. I have already sent two notes to Senator McConnell... In any event, I have been perusing the recently remodeled and I am already weary. I have spent most of my time going through the agenda section. So far it is nothing more than his regurgitated campaign stump speeches. For instance, on Iraq:

President Obama and Vice President Biden will responsibly end the war in Iraq so that we can renew our military strength, dedicate more resources to the fight against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and invest in our economy at home. The Obama-Biden plan will help us succeed in Iraq by transitioning to Iraqi control of their country.

Judgment You Can Trust
In 2002, Obama had the judgment and courage to speak out against going to war, and to warn of "an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs, and undetermined consequences." He and Joe Biden are fully committed to ending the war in Iraq.

On Homeland Security... this little bullet point caught my attention:

Win the Battle of Ideas: Defeat al Qaeda in the battle of ideas by returning to an American foreign policy consistent with America's traditional values, and work with moderates within the Islamic world to counter al Qaeda propaganda. Establish a $2 billion Global Education Fund to work to eliminate the global education deficit and offer an alternative to extremist schools.

I found these two diddies under Additional Issues

In June of 2006, then-Senator Obama delivered what was called the most important speech on religion and politics in 40 years. Speaking before an evangelical audience, then-Senator Obama candidly discussed his own religious conversion and doubts, and the need for a deeper, more substantive discussion about the role of faith in American life.

Senator Obama also laid down principles for how to discuss faith in a pluralistic society, including the need for religious people to translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values during public debate. In December 2006, President Obama discussed the importance of faith in the global battle against AIDS.

Do you know what those principles are?

President Obama did not grow up hunting and fishing, but he recognizes the great conservation legacy of America's hunters and anglers and has great respect for the passion that hunters and anglers have for their sports. Were it not for America's hunters and anglers, including the great icons like Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, our nation would not have the tradition of sound game management, a system of ethical, science-based game laws and an extensive public lands estate on which to pursue the sport. The President and Vice President recognize that we must forge a broad coalition if we are to address the great conservation challenges we face. America's hunters and anglers are a key constituency that must take an active role and have a powerful voice in this coalition.

Gotta love that... the 2nd Amendment has been reduced to this... I suspect this will be one of his "quiet topics" to address. Note to self: send more money to the NRA.

Guantanamo being closed is disturbing although it should not be shocking to anyone. President Obama was frank about wanting to shut it down... and our lemmings in the media willingly oblige and help with the cause of change:
A US closure of Guantanamo Bay could deprive militants of a major propaganda tool and help Pakistan in the fight against extremism, analysts said Sunday.

The economic turmoil our nation is in does not appear to have any means of being rectified. Even if we cut taxes and eliminate all spending... I still can not wrap my mind around the actual numbers of our deficit.

So, our economy will collapse and it will be rationalized that we need to join forces with our neighbors to the north and south and have a one money system...

I am so disturbed by everything I am reading. The section on defense is quite interesting. Why does President Obama want to increase the size or our military? How unusual for a liberal... don't liberals hate war... are they not pacifists? Yes, I am suspicious and yes... I know I sound like a conspiracy theory nut case...I am falling into a cavern of pessimism...

So, what's a girl to do? Today, I'm going to put my head in the sand... I am taking a queue from one of my favorite bloggers and I intend to escape into fantasy world...Going with the girls to see Grease at the Aronoff! Yes. Grease is the word...

Have a great week everyone!


  1. His Iraqi policy and the straw man idea of Bin Laden being the way to destroy Al Qaeda will lead to another major attck on our soil. Democrats are always on the wrong side of foregn policy, which makes me think they do it on purpose. Nobody could be that stupid.

  2. Hi Cathy :)
    Nice your new place, hope you remember me :)

  3. Of course!! So good to see you! Are you blogging again?

  4. Yes cathy,
    not so often like before but i do my best ^^