Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gigot - How Sweet It Is!

Last night I fell in love with Gigot. I can not believe I have never seen this movie.
Jackie Gleason wrote, produced and starred in this wonderful movie directed by Gene Kelly. Jackie plays the role of Gigot- a poor mute janitor in Paris that rescues a prostitute and her little girl, Nicole. Gigot becomes smitten with the little girl and becomes her protector-- her father figure. Gigot is a bit of a pied piper and all local animals love this poor soul too. The townspeople make fun of him but he stays good humored and always friendly and humble. If you have ever seen any old footage of Gleason's "The Poor Soul" you will find the similarities of heart with Gigot.

Jackie Gleason was an amazing entertainer---- not only was this man an incredible actor, comedian and writer, he was also a musician. The entire score to this movie was composed by Jackie Gleason.

And to those out in the the world screaming out accolades for another "great entertainer". That guy doesn't come close to what this guy did.... not close at all...

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